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ABOUTMeet the people behind Firm Grip

Jason Weekes has been working as a Key Grip since 2002 after starting his early career as Grip Assistant, Best Boy and Dolly Grip. He also has vast experience as Remote Head Technician, Tracking Vehicle/Low Loader Operator, Precision Driver, Crane and Rigging Grip.

With a team of trusted technicians and grips available to support his work, Jason works closely with directors and DoPs to achieve desired camera positions and safe movement.

His film, television and commercial experience in Australia and abroad has given him a unique perspective on his work. This, coupled with his background as a qualified motor mechanic, means Jason easily adapts to sudden changes on set and can implement sophisticated rigging systems as needed. Agile, self-sufficient and highly experienced, the Firm Grip team are focused on camera work from concept to result - keeping budget, schedule and safety at the forefront.

Jason is actively involved in Creative Content Australia’s mission for research, education and initiating change for Australia’s anti-piracy consumer campaign. He says “Thanks to all of you who, through watching films legally, allow our industry to keep producing films you want to watch.